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Third-Party Support Services

Third-Party Support Services

In providing Third Party Support Services [TPSS], GSI recognizes that its client requires services of the highest quality, efficiency, and effectiveness. The following support is provided to clients:

  • Organization of workshops, meetings, and conferences:

GSI secures a complete set of services to the client which includes the organization of;

  • Workshop, meeting, and conference venues
  • Logistics and support for workshops, meetings, and conferences
    • Participant accommodation
    • Catering
    • Workshop stationery and equipment
    • Secretarial support
    • Facilitation and rapporteuring
  • Accommodation and transportation:

GSI has a wide network of hotels and car rental organizations that are trusted and reliable. GSI’s relationship with these organizations allows it to negotiate competitive rates for services without compromising on quality, safety, and security. There are only a few client needs that cannot be met by GSI and its network of organizations in the area of accommodation and transportation.

  • Setting up of appointments:

GSI provides support to its client in the identification of key stakeholders and individuals relevant to the client’s needs. GSI as well has the capacity and network to secure appointments with these Stakeholders and individuals for the client.

  • Technical assistance and consultancy services:

GSI works with several local consultants in varied areas of professional expertise. Through this network of consultants, GSI can secure experienced individuals to provide technical assistance and consultancy services.

  • Fund management:

GSI can receive, disburse, and render professional accounts of client funds. GSI takes responsibility for all local financial management arrangements that ensure that funds received are applied as intended by the client and duly accounted for promptly. It is the policy of GSI to manage funds for activities for which TPSS is required.

  • Reporting:

For all assignments, GSI prepares both administrative and financial reports to its clients promptly.

  1. Mode of securing GSI TPSS
  • Client engagement

Upon an expression of interest from the potential client for TPSS from GSI, GSI engages the prospective client in dialogue. The purpose of the dialogue is twofold, first to enable the prospective client and GSI to know each other and secondly to enable GSI to get a better understanding of the client’s needs.

  • Preparation of Proposal

Based on the discussions in the client engagement, GSI prepares a proposal in which GSI’s understanding of the client’s needs is articulated and the services GSI will provide to support the client to meet its needs as detailed. In addition, the proposal also details the anticipated financial cost to the client.

  • Formalization of relationship

GSI engages within a framework of a formal relationship represented by a service contract that states the TPSS required and agreed to. There are two approaches to this, GSI may prepare a contract document of its own or the client may offer its contract document. In either case the proposal is a key attachment to the document.

  • GSI Fees
  • Organizational Fees:

This fee covers organizational costs GSI incurs in providing the TPSS requested. GSI determines the number of days it will require to organize and provide the TPSS for the client. GSI has a fixed daily rate to cover the cost of administration and other organizational activities required for the requested support to be provided. The total organizational fee is a multiple of the GSI daily rate and the total number of days determined for the assignment.

  • Management fees:

GSI charges 12% on actual client activity costs for which GSI manages the funds.


Client activity costs are recognized by GSI as the cost of the activity or event the client intends to implement for which TPSS is requested. Activities and events may include, meetings, seminars, conferences, research, training activities, and such. It is GSI’s policy to manage the funds for the activity for which TPSS is required within the estimated period.

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