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Health Capacity Consultancy

Global Health Consultancy

Global health consultancy involves the provision of expert advice and support to organizations, governments, and other entities working to improve health outcomes in various countries. Areas of specialization includes public health, health systems, health policy, or specific health conditions or diseases.

Health Program Design

Being a highly interdisciplinary field that draws on expertise from fields such as: public health, medicine, epidemiology, health systems and health policy, we assist governments, organizations and other entities to create and plan comprehensive health programs to address specific health issue or need considering the social and cultural context in which the program will be implemented.

Facilitation of Health Strategy and Policy Development

Considering the political and social context in which health policies and strategies are developed, understanding the health system and needs of the population and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of stakeholders, we support and guide the development of health strategies and policies at the national, regional, or local level.

Program Management support

In providing support to organizations, governments, and other entities to ensure program is implementation is timely, efficient and effective and achieves its intended results, we plan, implement and evaluate the progress of already established health programs.

Monitoring and Evaluating Program implementation

Having the ultimate goal of assisting organizations, governments and other entities improve health outcomes, we ensure that the monitoring and evaluation plan is well-designed to aid in tracking and assessing the progress and impact of a health program over time. It is an essential step in program management which helps to ensure that the program is achieving its intended results and making positive impact on the health of the population.

Our program provides a framework for assigning students in the medical field to enhance their educational experience through practical assignments.


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